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Complete Solutions for a Campaign Management System and for Digital or Online Voting

More Supporters, Less Rumors
Creating an open, pure of fake news, digital conversation on candidates' agenda for effectively gaining more supporters
More Information, Less Disinterest
Sharing clear information with the public before the election, for making voting more accessible and increasing voters' turnout
Allowing absolute confidential voting from anywhere, no disqualification of forms due to human errors, and a free of mistakes vote-counting


The LogiVote Voters Relationship Management (VRM) platform allows candidates, political parties, and other non-profit entities to manage election campaigns and motivate their supporters.
It enables voter motivation, surveys, voter list management, mailings and landing pages, a call center, fundraising, social networks interfaces and full election day management.


Digital Voting and eVoting

We provide digital and eVoting systems for dedicated polling places or for voting from anywhere, using the internet on mobile devices or personal computers. It is used in political parties' primaries, selecting representatives for labor unions and also in local or even national elections.


Election Information Site

LogiVote provides a website that guides voters in all aspects of the electoral process. This includes candidate profiles and their agenda or, when voting on particular issues, a description of the topics that are being voted on, as well as clear instructions on how to cast the ballot.


Who We Are

For over 20 years, LogiVote - a YayaSoft company, plays a dominant role in leading the field of software systems for elections.

Founded with a vision of making different aspects of democratic life digital in an era where it was all on papers, we combine a computerized voting system with an election campaign management platform under one roof, to provide a unique technological solution that comes with unmatched service.

We explore the changing needs of parties, candidates and non-partisan groups and, as a result, constantly develop new modules that provide our clients with end-to-end solutions. We advise them on ways to unleash the full potential of the systems while tailoring our services to their strategy. After all, their win is our victory!

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LogiVote has already made a significant change in more than 900 digital elections and campaigns for numerous political and non-political positions

A successful endeavor starts with smart decisions
With over 20 years of record and more than 900 digital elections and campaign projects for a variety of businesses and nonprofits, parties and individuals, we work every day on helping entities vote on what's most important to them and assist candidates in getting elected. LogiVote has combined its innovation in election technology with vast experience of political consultants and PR firms to supply an efficient solution for all balloting requirements.

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    Our Team
    LogiVote teams include software engineers and other professionals in analyzing customers' necessities and must-haves, along with passionate experts in consulting, design, development, QA and management.
    The company is led by its founder, Yair Chen
    a software engineer who developed the first generation of the company's products and soon after became renowned in the field.
    Product development is directed by software engineers
    with over a decade of experience in building complex systems and diverse expertise in the digital elections arena.
    Customer relationship is managed by professional campaign managers
    who’ve worked with various candidates, deeply acquainted with party headquarters and how they work.
    LogiVote's marketing, sales, and business development departments.
    Expanding the goals of the product and the customer base throughout the world and bringing the product to new heights.
    The company operates from three offices around the world with central headquarters in the Tel Aviv region
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